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Police accused of laxity as violence claims rock Alego-Usonga
3 days ago
Two days to election, claims of violence has rocked Alego Usonga constituency with the police being accused of failing to take action.

DAP Kenya candidate for Alego Usonga George Omondi Muluan on Saturday alleged that his supporters and campaigners have been attacked by people allegedly working for his opponents.

The latest attack on his supporters, according to the ex MP happened at a funeral at South East Alego ward on Friday.

He accused incumbent MP Samuel Atandi of being behind the attacks targeting his supporters and campaign team.

" We have made reports to the police and we have OB numbers but unfortunately they have failed to take action," he said.

Muluan said the report of violence had also been reported to the IEBC at the constituency level. He alleged that the MP had vowed to ensure agents deployed by the DAP Kenya candidate is ejected from the polling stations.

"He has said publicly that he will not allow my agents in South East Alego ward. We are reporting these cases to the police because we don't want to see chaos erupt on Tuesday," he said.

The former MP who is seeking to recapture the seat he lost to Atandi in 2017 said police should protect his agents.

Muluan said one of his supporters identified as Oscar Oduor Macoiye from north ward was allegedly physically assaulted by Atandi.

"The assault happened at the late Francis Odhiambo Faja’s funeral arrangements. Matter reported to the police in Siaya," he said.

Faja was an official of ODM from Alego Usonga.

" Augustine Oduor Rabuogi my supporter from Mur Ng’iya, South east ward, beaten and his shoulder born dislocated by people he met at his gate on the way to meet me in Siaya," he said.

Muluan said that before being attacked, he was asked why he is supporting people who are not vying under ODM party.

"This was the similar case with my supporter from Masumbi, South east ward who who cut in ear after being asked the same questions Mr. Rabuogi was asked. All these cases are with the police," Muluan said.

According to a P3 form issued by the police, Oscar Oduor Macoiye was treated at Siaya County referral hospital after the alleged assault.

The P3 form was issued by the police to the victim on 22nd.

Atandi however declined to respond to the allegations.

Several attempts to get him to give his side of the story over the allegations against him remained futile.

Star sent him a text message with these allegations by Muluan but he didn't respond even after the text messages were confirmed as delivered.

He also did not pick or answer repeated phone calls to his cell phone number on Saturday.

On Saturday, Alego Usonga OCPD Benedict Mwangangi said the issues raised by the ex-MP will be probed.

"We want to say that we are ready to deal firmly with anyone who is planning to cause chaos. That's why we're here as the police," the OCPD told the Star on phone.

He asked Muluan to deal directly with him of he feels the junior officers are not helpful.

"He has my number. I want him to call me or visit my office so that all those issues can be handled. Let nobody cause unnecessary tension or seek publicity," he said.

Muluan and Atandi are both optimistic that the 122,000 registered voters from the constituency will vote on Tuesday after three months of rigorous campaigns.