Ida Seeks Forgiveness From Kenyans
3 days ago
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's wife, Mama Ida, has asked Kenyans to forgive her and her husband for comments made on the campaign trails that may have offended them.

Speaking during Azimio la Umoja's final rally at Kasarani Stadium, on Saturday, August 6, Ida acknowledged that some of their sentiments did not sit well with a section of Kenyans.

“I prayed for all Kenyans yesterday (Friday). If there’s someone that we wronged in the campaigns, we are asking for his or her forgiveness. We are going into this race with a clean heart,” she stated.

She, further, urged Kenyans to rally behind Raila's candidature noting that the former Prime Minister was better placed to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Additionally, Ida urged Kenyans to turn up in large numbers to vote adding that there was a need to maintain peace after the end of the polls.

"Today he (Raila) has finished the campaigns and today is the last day. He has run a good race and finished the race," she said.

"The only thing remaining is that you give him a gold medal. Will you give him the gold medal?" she posed.

Raila's spouse came under sharp criticism in recent months following a statement she made regarding the registration of churches in the country.

Her statement saw the Kenya Kwanza team hit out at the ODM boss and the Azimio team claiming that the duo was against the church - which they stated should not be regulated by the government.

However, in response, she stated her that her statements were taken out of context affirming that the church plays a big role in nourishing Kenyans.

"As a committed believer in Jesus Christ, I understand that preaching is a calling and anyone can be touched to administer the word of God. This is a fact I have appreciated for a long time and I have sat and listened to many preachers eloquently and diligently deliver life-changing sermons.

"I remain dedicated to promoting the growth of the church space for a better society in Kenya," she reiterated.