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Siv Ngesi blasts Ramaphosa’s ‘spineless and shameful’ leadership style
3 days ago
Siv Ngesi is not happy with Ramaphosa’s leadership skills. Images via Twitter @sivngesi/@cyrilramaphosa

South African media personality Siv Ngesi is very vocal on social media – even when it comes to subjects that most local celebrities are scared to speak about and usually avoid. His latest controversial remarks were directed at South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who as of late, has found himself embroiled in a number of scandals.

According to the TV presenter, Ramaphosa’s leadership style leaves a lot to be desired.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been widely criticised over the last few months.

While there have always been complaints about how he is running South Africa, it appears that more and more people are starting to change their minds about him being a suitable leader for the country.

One of the many people who have spoken out against Ramaphosa is Siv Ngesi, a TV presenter and actor.

According to Ngesi, who never shies away from speaking his mind, Ramaphosa is both spineless and shameful.

If his tweet wasn’t clear enough, he also added that the president has “failed South Africans”.

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Unsurprisingly, many of his followers wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments.

Many of them headed to the comments section where they shared their own observations of how Ramaphosa is failing to lead SA.

“It is not a style of leadership. The is NO leadership at all.”