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Elmi meets minorities and non locals, promises inclusivity
3 days ago
Elmi who throughout his campaigns has emphasized on ending corruption said people will always feel marginalized when they are not being treated equally.

“What is happening is that corruption has been left to thrive with kickbacks becoming the order of the day where the so called major communities call everything amongst themselves at the expense of the minorities. this is not only immoral but unacceptable,” he said.

Elmi said that unlike some of his competitors who had the opportunity to lead but performed poorly ,he was the only one with a proven track record in public service.

For the people of Wajir county, the choices have never been clearer: it is between rewarding 10 years of failure and starting afresh and fixing our problems. We must press the reset button and restore public trust,” he said.

Elmi said his administration establish model ECD centers in each sub-county Make ECD centers child friendly and hire and train 250 ECD teachers.

He further promised to allocate more money for bursaries per year to support students from poor backgrounds.

Elmi further used the opportunity to make a clarion call on voters in the county to come out in large numbers and vote on Tuesday.

“I encouraged our supporters to come out in large numbers and vote on 9th August to bring the change we want. I also thanked the residents for their commitment to help me win and lead our county in a transparent way,” he said.

On Friday, Elmi while accompanied by his running mate Hassan Wardere resorted to his strongholds of Tarbaj where he made a clarion call on the electorates to come out in large numbers and vote for him in the Tuesday polls.

Elmi who is among the front runners for the seat crisscrossed the vast constituency said that meaningful change can only be realized through the ballot where the electorates have an opportunity to elect leaders of their choice.

Elmi comes from the vote rich Fai sub clan of the larger Degodia community. The race has attracted eight candidates.

The campaigns are slated to end today in the evening.