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Saku youths back Governor Mohamud re-election bid
3 days ago
A section of Saku youths on Thursday endorsed Governor Mohamud Ali's re-election bid even as campaigns enters homestretch.

Led by their leader Abdiaziz Boru, the group described the governor as a man of action whose love for the youth earned him their support.

"The governor's steadfast leadership and support of youths issues earned him our support," said Boru

Boru said, governor Mohamud has been a dedicated champion for equality to all the community in the county and he has built an inclusive government.

The youth leader said the governor has set a bold goal to make Marsabit home to the lowest infant mortality rate.

He said, the county boss stood tall above other aspirants contesting for the governorship.

"We hereby resolve to deploy all available resources to embark on relentless mobilization devoid of political, ethnic and religious inclination to support his re-election bid," he said

"There are many youths out there who formed their opinions based on what they read on social media, unfortunately many of the content are lies aimed at tainting the governor's reputation."

Another Youth leader Abdinur Dima said governor Mohamud's outstanding performances across the county earned him a better chance.

He pledged their readiness to support his re-election bid on the strength of his development record.