DP Ruto Goes on Another Rant, Laments Over 'Ugali Saucer' on TV
3 days ago
Deputy President William Ruto went on a rant again lamenting on the shortage of maize flour and the increase of its price during the electioneering period.

Speaking at his Karen residence on Saturday morning, August 6, Ruto noted that the problem is dire that hotels and small restaurants have stopped giving customers additional ugali commonly referred to as ugali saucer.

He implored Kenyans to vote for him on Tuesday, next week promising that Kenya Kwanza will move swiftly to arrest the maize flour shortage situation in the country.

"The high cost of basic commodities such as food and fuel should never be this hard, life has never been this bad in our country. Kenyans are unable to put food on their table, they are unable to pay school fees, we are living in times where ugali saucer is not offered anymore," he stated.

"We are all victims of an economic management system gone rogue on us but don’t despair, it is at times like this we suspend our fear of the unknown and have the courage to say no to anything that threatens our humanity, civility, and decency."

He urged Kenyans to show up in large numbers and vote for the Kenya Kwanza brigade arguing that the high cost of basic commodities such as food and fuel will be a thing of the past.

"We must believe in a better tomorrow but it is our duty to make that better tomorrow. It is time to choose leaders who will make decisions to better your lives, Kenya Kwanza is your guarantee," DP Ruto noted.

DP Ruto also assured Kenyans that he will implement Universal Healthcare Coverage noting that it was a priority for the UDA government to ensure healthcare services are affordable in the country.

"We have agreed that we will guarantee universal health coverage for all Kenyans where each one of us will have a cover and the public hospitals will be stocked with the necessary equipment and medicines will be available," he stated.

During his speech, DP Ruto indicated that his government will fight graft, adding that the rising cases of impunity in the country were something that his administration will seek to tame.

"We have agreed to tackle runaway corruption including state capture, budgeted corruption and financial wastage," DP Ruto stated.

He also pledged to help women, youth and persons living with disabilities (PWLDS) remarking that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance prepared and commissioned charters that will help the faction address problems affecting the said groups.

"In the education sector we have agreed to remove the hiccups and we have agreed on affirmative action for Kenyan women and people living with a disability. We have agreed on and signed county economic charters, we have developed an authentic homegrown Kenya country plan from these charters," he said.

"On our first day in office, we have agreed, among other things, to tackle the punitive cost of living so that each and every one of us can afford o go about our lives and to reduce the cost of doing business so that industries can thrive and opportunities for employment can be a reality."