Top 10 Election Questions Kenyans Searched on Google
2 days ago
Global search engine, Google, has revealed that the winner of the August 9 polls was the most searched question on the platform.

In a statement dated Saturday, August 6, Google revealed that online users sought to know who among the four presidential candidates - Deputy President William Ruto, former Prime minister Raila Odinga, David Mwaure and George Wajackoyah - would win the presidential vote.

The possibility of Raila winning the polls came in second as the most searched question on the search engine.

Other searched topics surrounded the election date, the start and end date of official campaigns.

Most notably, the 2013 General Election also emerged among the most searched questions including the duration it will take for the president-elect to be sworn in.

In regard to the candidates, Agano Party presidential candidate - David Mwaure - was the most trending candidate in the last month. His party also topped in search interest.

"The trends also show that Kenyans went online to keep tabs on political parties and their respective presidential candidates. David Mwaure Waihiga emerged as the leading trending candidate, which means there was a higher spike in searches compared to the others, followed by William Ruto, Raila Odinga and George Wajackoyah.

"Trending searches are the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a specific period," read the statement in part.

Below are some of the top searched questions and parties in the polls;

Who will win the 2022 election in Kenya?

How many days to the election in Kenya?

When is the election in Kenya?

Who is likely to be the president of Kenya in 2022

When will the campaign end for the 2022 election?

Who is in charge of elections in a polling station in Kenya?

When will the campaign start for the 2022 election?

How long after the election is the president sworn in?

When was the 2013 general election held?