Love triangle ends in tragedy as 2 married men die.

TWO married men died and a woman is battling for her life following a violent end to a twisted love triangle.


TWO married men died and a woman is battling for her life following a violent end to a twisted love triangle.

The usually quiet Mlungisi village in Sivalo area, Nkayi, Matabeleland North woke up to a tragedy when Jonathan Ncube (34) and Ceasefire Juba (37) died while Sithokozile Ncube (44), a widow who was in love with the two men, made a trip to the intensive care unit (ICU).

It all began when Ncube found Juba having se_x with Sithokozile in a bedroom hut at her homestead a fortnight ago on a Friday.

According to a family member who requested anonymity, Ncube drew his Okapi knife and stabbed Sithokozile on her chest and twice in the stomach.

Blood gushed out and was splattered on the wall and Juba fled for dear life leaving her at the mercy of Ncube.

When finished with her, Ncube went to look for Juba. A relative who was at the homestead rushed Sithokozile to Sivalo Clinic but because of her worsening condition, she was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital and finally to Bulawayo Central Hospital where she is in a critical condition.

Ncube caught a naked fleeing Juba in the bushes and stabbed him before smashing his head with an iron bar. He died naked in the bush.

Having dealt with his two timing lover and rival, Ncube saw no reason to live and hanged himself.

Ncube’s widow Thembelihle Mzizi (29) in spite of her husband’s shocking deeds, said he was an honest man.

“He was a loving and caring person who left behind three children,” she said.

They had been married for six years.

Juba also left behind a wife, Eunice Ndlovu (32) who told B-Metro that her husband had left home saying he wanted to meet up with friends.

“He left for the shops to spend some time with his friends on that Friday. By the time I slept (10pm) he had not returned. I was shocked when two men from the community came and informed me that he had been stabbed to death by Jonathan Ncube,”she said.

Juba’s mother Esnath Ndlovu said the way her son was killed was cruel.

“I have never seen such a thing in my life where a man is killed and left in his nakedness,” she said.

Juba is survived by three children and the youngest being an eight weeks old boy.

Acting Chief Edwin Sivalo confirmed the incident.

Source-B Metro